Bitcoin Charts – À quel point BTC ira-t-il?

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Bitcoin stats et parler de comment bas btc ira. Nous soulignons certains objectifs importants à long terme en matière de tarification des bitcoins et parlons même un peu de Litecoin.

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49 commentaires sur “Bitcoin Charts – À quel point BTC ira-t-il?”

  1. Hey all you spam bots bitches… quit spamming this dudes channel with your miss cleo bitcoin bullshit… you'd all have thousands of bitcoin by now… leave this channel alone…report and block these fucks…it's quite annoying… they're looking to capitalize

  2. Eventually all major coins will trade back where they were in the beginning because they have no value. Only hope and speculation gave them wings. Begin looking for new “ventures”

  3. excellent content, I agree with the over all message… hope to see you return to some background music and exit logo display, good times will return to the space and you will be one of the YouTube Stars… Get used to it. Best Wishes

  4. I started
    investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment
    on YouTube about ROBBY WOOD. I didn't hesitate to contact him, I traded with him
    and went from having 4Btc to 12Btc. Thanks to everybody who posted about ROBBY WOOD,
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  5. Anybody saying "I am still buying on every dip", is a fool. Why buy at 6,000 when you can buy at 3,000 or lower when it is going down there, for sure ? IF/when it goes back up you would want multiples of your investment, not percentages.

  6. Im a little anxious being down in this bear market but I believe the next bull run will be a good one . Just continuing to hold and accumulate the bigger dips

  7. I feel like BAKKT is going to follow the coinbase route, it’s the safest.

    I can see ETH next then LTC or other way around.

    Praise to god they skip on Bcash lol

  8. The crypto market is being manipulated to be sold in a panic so exchanges can buy physical Crypto's to back up their tradings. No trend. All is preparing for the BAKKT release in January (or maybe later). This is not a trend. The moment Exchanges are being checked out and not backing up their trades they are FINISHED. Just buy and HODL..

  9. Honestly dont even worry about the price. Your goal should be to get as many coins as you can before the next bull run. It will happen even if it takes another 2-5 years. Just know the next bull run will be even bigger. So Dont even worry about the value of the coin right now. What you should worry about is getting coins on the go and hold until the next run. You could either wait for it to drop lower before buying again or just buy little every paycheck. I only have 50 ltc right now. But my goal is to hold 500 ltc before the next run. That's pretty much how all the bitcoin millionaires did it. You have to take big risks if you want to see big results.

  10. Hey Dan, for the sake of my own self doubts, why not give financial advice instead of saying “this isn’t financial advice”? I mean, when I feel confident about something I make sure to let the people around me know my beliefs are correct.
    I find it a little counter intuitive when you mention your ideas and expect viewers to see it with a grain of salt.
    This is my attempt to push your buttons, as well as mine but I’m quite interested in your answer.

  11. Why it seems other charters show the logorythmic (?) Or macro chart as we are already resting on the upward trendline and about to break below, while yours seems we're not even close yet?

  12. You can't just put a trendline on 2 price points and call it a wedge because you can do that on pretty much anything. A trendline requires minimum 3 touches to confirm trendline sup/res. 2 touches on the other hand is pure speculations.

  13. 2 years ago, litecoin was around 2$, ETH was around 8$…..Why do you think we will not revisit these levels again? The sell-off in this market has been very strong already. ETH is already down more than 90%, same with LTC. Some coins are down even more, like 98%. The whole crypto market is falling apart and people are still bullish…… Most coins are not wort 1 cent. Except IOTA, XRP, LTC, BTC and a few others. That's just my opinion…

  14. 1W chart on BTC almost at oversold.
    Has not been here since 2015
    1W chart on ETH almost at oversold.
    Has not been here since 2016
    1W chart on LTC almost at oversold.
    Has not been here since 2015
    Next 2 weeks are going to be volatile.
    Should have sold all LTC on April 21, 2018. Tweezer top and a death cross all in one. Next target $24.90

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