BITCOIN PRICE & FEELING En rapport? Bloc de pastèque

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Comment les prix Bitcoin et crypto peuvent-ils être prédits par analyse de sentiment? Bienvenue à cette interview sponsorisée avec Watermelon Block, où nous allons explorer ces sujets en profondeur et en apprendre le plus possible sur l’analyse des sentiments et leur projet.

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Ivan on Tech traite des monnaies de cryptage et de la technologie derrière Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. Nous couvrons également le prix Bitcoin, le prix altcoin, l'investissement, l'analyse, différents coûts élevés.

Ivan sur Tech par Ivan Liljeqvist

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37 commentaires sur “BITCOIN PRICE & FEELING En rapport? Bloc de pastèque”

  1. And yes, she said the AI data analytics product is separate from the blockchain token. It's just a fundraiser that they will leave behind as soon as real customers start using the real product. Worthless token IMO.

  2. How much she paid you for this interview and did she design questions? All she needed some famous tuber so she can sell us her shitcoin

  3. Does Watermelon need censorship resistance? Protection from political risk? Immutability? They are a company registered somewhere. They cannot be decentralized. I don't see how a large slow database helps them at all. An ICO however will bring in a lot of other peoples money to start up. Assuming they intend to deliver, processing BIG DATA cannot be done on a blockchain.

  4. Ivan, actually the sentiment on BITCOIN changed mid-December 2017 and money rotated into the new exciting ALT coins. Then ALT coins lost their luster mid-January 2018. As the market fell, people lost money or got frightened that they were about to lose money and disappointment rose. What technical analysis should have done for you is forced you to adjust your STOP ORDERS. I sold automatically when BITCOIN fell to 19000. Not because I was a genius but because my STOPS were set. So I've been caught a couple of times in bull traps over the last 6 months because I am over optimistic. Mostly I'm hording cash looking for a bottom. I think people in crypto are more optimistic then people in general. Otherwise we wouldn't take such large risks in unfinished and unproven technologies.

  5. Hello Ivan. Excellent interview. Asked many questions I would have asked and much, much more! Ivan, the infrastructure was not ready for high volume and still is not. That is one major factor that helped drive interest down and turned many first time users off to crypto. You only get one shot at a first impression and IMO Bitcoin and others blew it! It will be very difficult in convincing those individuals to come back.

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