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MAINTENANT, nous aurons la mise à jour UPDATE URDING de Davincij15 vous-même! Ce sera que Altcoins et Crypto vont exploser !! – S'il vous plaît ne donnez pas quelque chose ici comme un conseil financier.


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Carte de paiement Crypto

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42 commentaires sur “Davincij15 – "Cet ALTK / CRIPTO PRI EXPLODE!" | BITOKO”

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  3. Hi guys, I sold my house and car in 2014 to invest in Bitcoin and become poor. Help me raise money for a car, if you help me, then I will start shooting vlogs on this channel about my recovery path to my former life.
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  4. @MMCrypto
    Danke dir für das Video!
    Eine kleine Bitte jedoch: Achtung, dass du nicht so häufig ins Mikro pustest, und trinke doch lieber etwas weg vom Mikro oder schalts kurz aus – danke :))

  5. Digibyte will bulldoze its way to the top!! Digibyte is the best REAL crypto has overcome and corrected all faults of old cryptos, and it owns the longest UTXO blockchain, not to mention that it is 40 times faster 5 times more secure and 5 times more decentralized than any other REAL crypto.

  6. Guys word of caution – when the market starts to return to bullishness… bear in mind that Cardano and Tron are coins that were released specifically to capitalise on blockchain pump hype and they were also still in their pump cycle when the market started going south in 2018. This means there could be biiiìg bagholders that will be looking to manipulate those assets to move their value out of these projects (which they probably never saw as good longterm investments). If you hold already and are underwater then ride their pumps but be careful – when they decide to bail on those projects it will come swiftly.

  7. It would be greatly appreciated if you(MMCRYPTO) just let Davinci talk when you have him on, please.. Thank you very much. Do not cut him off please..

  8. WTF??? You keep talking about coming currency’s crisis and suggesting to invest 0.05%??? Are you mad 😠? What kind of diversification you are talking about??????

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