EDUMACATION – College Students Would Rather Take $1 than 1 bitcoin (worth $8,000)

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EDUMACATION – College Students Would Rather Take $1 than 1 bitcoin (worth $8,000)

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Video ‘One Dollar or One Bitcoin | College Students Asked What They Would Accept’:

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42 commentaires sur “EDUMACATION – College Students Would Rather Take $1 than 1 bitcoin (worth $8,000)”

  1. I love the cynicism in your language 😀
    PS careful with that sunburn…. the DNA errors build up, throughout the years…. leading to nasty skin troubles possibly, down the road

  2. Yes!, As an official card carrying member of the U.S. cult(ure) I can personally testify that from my mother's womb I have been
    WMD industrial toxic waste poisoned here with hydroflurosilicic waste, plus included nasties via my bathing/drinking water..
    This region of world is truly ground zero for the zombie apocalypse!!
    Somebody hates us here really badly to poison us like that, and all the while lie to us and say systemic drugging with "flurode" is for our teeth…. Even the peeps here with full on dentures!!! For your teeth, wink wink…
    Love your story, love your content, love being someone joining the land of the living… Distilled water is a trillion times better than the zombie juice force fed to the slave class here in the US…
    Peace, love, & crypto currency…

  3. Bags ha ha Ha ha ha… LMFAO… I love you Jeff… And imagine I was so guilt ridden by my family and my culture for not attending college I’m a college drop out, I’m a bum, I have no future, actually believed it for a while…

  4. I agree, Jeff…am ashamed of our people. Most are clueless. The Globalists have done an excellent job of dumbing down Americans over the years.

  5. I graduated college and i agree. Unless its a specialized field, a degree is useless. . . . including my, "computer studies degree." The shit was useless, yet people still tell me a degree is the, "best thing." Muthafucka, youre still in poverty. Soon after graduation, i learned that you can't take financial advice from broke people.

  6. Mark Dice is an idiot who doesn't even know the difference between an Ounce and Troy Ounce of Gold. Two different things.

  7. That Ayn Rand interview was from 1979. I would have graduated from HS in 1984, I dropped out after passing 11th grade and never went back. I knew back then of the dumbing down of America. It was down right sickening. Commiecrats were getting the tax payers to fund anything and everything, especially free college. Sucking them dry. I became a carpenter and now build homes. Experience is everything. Learn the things you want to do.

  8. I hope someone would ask me that question on my campus right now lol… I live in the US. I'm in no debt and getting a degree so it makes sense in my situation.

  9. I remember I wanted to become a pilot. I had a potential to succeed due to high degree from School. Then BAAM… I came a cross Geoengineering and how pilots are used by the global elite (Bilderberg group). It was a hard time, but I sad fu*k of!, I am not going to be a part of this shit. But stil I wanted have a education from high school. My problem was, by that time I was going deeper and deeper into the rabbit whole. I watched "The Greater Story Never Told" and woke up from the dream I was living. I found 99% of all "educations" corrupted. Thanks God I found the best education EVER. I have a three year timber framing degree :). I am connected to nature and I have learned so much discipline.

  10. USA is the victim of cultural marxism and certain powerful Jewish interests (not all Jews are bad, by the way…I have several Jewish friends…that AGREE with me!) that use America's military to further the interests of Israel…more "war on terror"…it's actually just the Zionists (Jewish supremacists) in the US govt. executing their mission of expanding a "Greater Israel" sphere of influence (google the "Yinon Plan" or check out some videos by Christopher Bollyn) in the middle east by "balkanization"…breaking down countries down along political, religious, economic and ideological lines….making them easier to control / influence.

    Internally the USA is a train wreck. Infrastructure is shot (no money to pay for after all these wars). Multiculturalism and the influence of low IQ races and cultures (hiphop, for example) has driven the "average" American into the cesspool of civilisation. That along with it's degenerate entertainment culture and mainstream media authored by predatory Jewish supremacist con-artists.

    Who controls Congress? You know…the one that gives Netanyahu standing ovations? The USA has spent trillions since the Israel false flag operation on 9/11. Who benefits? Hint: it's NOT America. Another hint: this country's flag has a blue star of David. I think you can figure it now….unless you're American…in which case you know more about Kim Kardasians ass than the lie you live in.

    You know the old saying, "It's easier to lie to someone than convince them they've been lied to."

    Well, America YOU have been lied to…but you will never wake up…it's too late. This is your end game.

    One more nation thrown into the dustbin of history after being fully exploited by the supremacist Jew… "wrecker of nations".

    You know, the self-proclaimed "God's chosen people". LOL.

  11. Next stop for these all caps entities is invasion boats heading towards Russia, DOUGLASS EARL USGAARD included. All for honoring our illuminati, Lucifer-worshipping overlords that have gay sex and animal sacrifices!

  12. It is even much worse, people who believe they are smart and/or think this is cool to look smart, just look, not be smart. Make believe pretending carnival.

  13. Thank God I'm too Thick to go to college/university. Saved a fortune. My sister is married to a Communist (says he's Socialist)

  14. 1000% agree a college student should be travelling and learning multiple skills that he/she can monetize plus he/she would be better off than all the 90% of indocrinated debt slaves but what does better S&P500 or Bitcoin over a 5 or 10 year period? thats the real question if you can generate +10% return then i think thats good because 1 bitcoin is $8k thats like buying 8 Amazon(cia owned shares) therefore its return on investment needs to be greater or at least on par with those investments.

  15. In terms of life skill i agree college is fucking useless. But it terms of mastering/learning a skill. I still think it CAN be beneficial. But i also think that if have a ton of motivation you can do a lot better on your own.

  16. The irony is that they already have one dollar and no bitcoin so the smart chose would be to pick the free stuff they were presenting with.
    but then again, they don't teach delay gratification in college.

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