How HIGH Will Bitcoin Go?! Investors Ditch Stocks & Gold for $BTC! Mass Adoption 🚀

How high will #Bitcoin go? Is $10k a possible target? Investors ditching stocks & gold for $BTC, 30,000 retailers now accept crypto via Flexa, SFOX FDIC protection, $VID Journal review, crypto news, and more!

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Markets 〽️
Traders demanding BTC:
Stioks Tank, Bitcoin Pumps:
Bakkt update:
Pomp on CNBC:
AltSeason soon?
BTC now accepted at over 30,000 retailers:
Justin Sun arrested?
FDIC protection
VID Review:

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29 commentaires sur “How HIGH Will Bitcoin Go?! Investors Ditch Stocks & Gold for $BTC! Mass Adoption 🚀”

  1. 🚀 Unstoppable Domains 👉
    🔺Get The Brave Browser ►►
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  2. you are like me — not a trader fool -well positioned to enjoy daily gains – so many idiots claiming to be genius traders, they mostly all end up screwed

  3. @your Vid review no! no! no! …imo this structured just like a Ponzi scheme – not interested at all. People, please stick with the top tier cryptos!

  4. Buy low, sell high! There are still a lot of good Alts out there that have to be considered as sitting at bargain prices! (ps, I'd love me one of those free Nano's Mr K-Dub!!)

  5. Nice video, bro! You're an excellent speaker by the way. I don't normally watch your entire videos, and not because they're not good, but just because I usually don't have the time. Today, however, I listened to the whole thing whilst washing the dishes.

    So you seemed to draw something of a definitive line in suggesting that altcoins may see a massive upswing within possibly a week, but you didn't say why you think so. I think so, too, but I will also help you keep the secret as to "WHY" it's likely to happen.

    Again, though, nicely done, bro, in not giving away the goose that laid the golden egg…🤗

  6. Not buying anymore alts for awhile. The alts I already own I will HODL as jumping in and out is gonna require me to file for capital gains.

  7. I think FLEXA is going to be massive. I’ve bought a bag on IDEX. Looking forward to it being listed on an exchange and word getting around. They’ve been pretty smart, purposely did not seek to be listed or spend money on marketing in a bear market, now they have come out with perfect timing and all guns blazing.

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