Is Bitcoin's Insane Rally Hiding a Dangerous Pattern?

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Bitcoin’s parabolic and quick rise has just reached a critical and extreme level on one important chart. Could this bring about a major reversal in the crypto?

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39 commentaires sur “Is Bitcoin's Insane Rally Hiding a Dangerous Pattern?”

  1. too bulish, too bearish, people are always going to moan and pick bones with alession, also ppl can also suck it !! 😀

  2. Adrian Wood  you are so polite because the speaker is polite too….another way to put it is like this "hi folks, my name is wood and I am a total dumbshit. I spend my hours on useless things instead of reading and educating myself without the use of assholes like ____ and _____ and _____ but especially ______ oh and then that guy I respect so much who cost me 50% profits and his name is ______ and he's a real fuck face. But I would bend over for him because he is an agent of JP Morgan Chase and they are executing their agenda through this soaker I mean speaker an the likes like him. Oh fuck it…..I suck and I love not making it on my own. O I just listen to these clowns making predictions so that their mom is thrilled." Mr. Wood get a god damn clue you idiot! Make money or go to hell and stop being such a pussy!!!

  3. Thanks for video mate. I don't agree that we have gone that high and I don't understand how anyone is optimistic over a few
    percent gain. In 2017, some coins 50x or 100x. However, this week we have not even 2x on most coins, so this rise is nothing. Once we start hitting 1000% gains, I will start to worry about bear market end. For the time being, people are right to FOMO as much as possible, before we start multiplying more than 10% per day. However, there is a chance that this is not really a bull market and we could have a fake out.

  4. Bitcoin is not liquid enough to do real technical analysis. It's a tiny market. It has some value on shorter time frames, but the whales control all. BTW: appreciate your honesty.

  5. You just basically described the market cycle. Obviously there is going to be a sharp decrease after a bull run. Why are you pretending this is out of the ordinary?

  6. Guys, if bitcoin closes above 8k end of this month, even the monthly trend will be bullish. I personally believe that in the next 24-30 months BTC will reach at least 200-250K and if people are going to keep comparing BTC price movement with other assets class, they will get a wrong prediction. BTC is a deflationary asset like no other and it a simple equation of supply and demand. 30K mark won't be even visible in Jan 2022. As a matter of fact, after the next bull market BTC won't go lower than 50K. I know, it is a bold statement but Alessio has a good habit of keeping track of his video and comments made on them and if I am right, I am sure he will point it out in the near future. Same goes for in case I am wrong of course.

  7. We've been in a bull run 5 minutes and already some TA YouTubers telling you to take any profits. If you've held on through the last 12+ months and managed to hold on tight, my advice is to keep holding for at least another 12 months before taking any profit. I'd say most people watching are holding for long term gains. Let it ride. You've been through so much over the last year, don't get out too early and regret it. Let the bull run have a decent run before taking any profits.

  8. My conclusion after following Alession Rastani for more than a year : technical analysis is usually failing with bitcoin and crypto market.

  9. I agree with you on this one even though you're bearish and I'm bullish at the moment. This is a no no for me, im really scared for btc right now. But i don't really care because I'm a long term holder.
    Airways refreshing to see your videos Alessio!

  10. Anything under 10k is a strong buy ! Even my mother in law decided not to take profit & myself just added another position at 8k . Hoping to moon up to 20K this weekend …:)) …Never timing the market & always think unthinkable !

  11. Bullish parabolic move doesnt necessarily always to be reversal, for this time it will be just a sharp retracement

  12. did you really said, "if someone of you did expect this move, then you are a better person!"?

    did i understand you correct??

    thought you are smart, but to say, that someone is a better person, because of better trading, is kind of stupid, isnt it?!?!?!?!?!?

    hope, dont need to explain…. sorry

  13. If 30K is possible, then a long term holder should think 8K is cheap in Long run. Physical Gold has negative optmism for 5 years but it is not doing the opposite from negative sentiment. Therefore, I rather have positive sentiment than negative. People are over optimistic about certain stocks but they have not dropped 60%. You can trade in your BTC for gold at anytime at at any price. They do not care about optimistic sentiment. What if this is the bull run now and runs past 20K? Optimism can last for months or years. I do not think optimism is as high as that graph shows on BTC, just watch CNBC or look at short ratio. Investors that are very wealthy still think it is all a scam. Who makes that sentiment graph? Also why would people be pessimistic when it is going up? Is that even possible? Can you have low optimism and still go up?

  14. Alessio, hats off to you my friend, someone that finally makes any sense in this FOMO Market. I have been telling my Telegram followers the same thing and they all laugh at me.

    Everyone must understand that a true bullmarket happens as a " marathon " not a "sprint". This parabolic move is soooo obvious that it is supported by complete 100% FOMO buyers, and this is going to drop so hard that it will trigger a 12.0 on the earthquake richter scale and im going to laugh, you guys watch and see 😂📉

    Alessio when this happens send me an email to so we can discuss it. 👍

  15. If 30K is where it could head then 8K is cheap in the long run, correct? I sold at resistant levels expecting a pullback and have bought back in higher but less investment each time. Even if there is pullback it will not be 2000 points in minutes. Perhaps -300 with lots of bounces along the way. This move goes higher each time. Numerous analysts think this is the new bull run back above 20K. Lots of opinions.

  16. There are soooooo many more people interested in BTC now than 2017, Let's say 10X more investors than 2017 is a safe number to say. This will offer more support IMHO. When you have millions of new investors compared to 2017 and only 17M rare coins available to trade makes it's rare. Also if you want low sentiment just watch CNBC. Most really wealthy people still do not believe in BTC. Based on chart it suggests 10K area as next test area but who knows??

  17. Our delusion is our strength. We truly believe bitcoin will be $1,000,000 in the next 10 years.

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