The REAL reason Bitcoin is Going PARABOLIC! | $50,000 Target

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24 commentaires sur “The REAL reason Bitcoin is Going PARABOLIC! | $50,000 Target”

  1. looking forward to the next episode of ""Why Did Bitcoin Go Up and Why I Think It's Going to Continue to Go Parabolic in the Next Several Weeks""

  2. Don't talk bad on Trump. China is weaker than the US for now. This is the last chance to stop the slave comms. Also Crypto/Bitcoin rocks

  3. total crypto market is just under 250 billion, NYSE total cap is 30 trillion, bonds are much larger, and crypto's are going to save the geopolitical day??? I like cryptos and in the long run they might do very well, but pls rethink your premise.

  4. do you understand the tariff situation? China has been labeled a developing country, yet they are the 2nd largest economy. They agreed to remove tariffs against the US, yet they kept them in place, cheating the agreement and hurting our trade with them. You can't let that country cheat everyone and continue to gain strength at our expense. I doubt that Trump wants tariffs – but he does have to pay fair. Read up on this. It's not tariffs just to make tariffs – it's to not get cheated like we have had the past 20 years – do you think that 50 bil per year debt happened by accident. Come on man – state the real case here.

  5. Dude, you need to learn about what tariffs will do for us and I KNOW WE PAY THE PRICE BUT CHINA will have the inflation problem not the great USA. I love trading crypto and stocks but I hate hearing a LIBERAL MINDSET BUNCH OF B.S….

  6. Because of this fucking video, i sold all my eth and hold bitcoin yesterday, end up missing the 10% above gain this morning, i wish you dead 5 years earlier than you supposed to.

  7. Hillary or Trump . Really don't have to think about that one much. Trump may not be perfect but Hillary would have us all in FEMA camps by now.

  8. Nothing happens by “chance”, everything is planned well in advance. All I need to know that there is a paradigm shift coming is the fact that Medici family has applied for a charter to establish a digital/crypto based bank.

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